Casino proposal in Matsu get support from local inhabitants regardless of probable apprehensions

Situated aside the northwest of mainland Taiwan, Matsu Islands in Taiwan is not a city full of activity and liveliness. Instead it is recognized for its peaceful surroundings and historical importance of being a significant military station during the Cold War. Since all that is over now, so something lively like construction of a casino could be expected in Matsu.

In July, an opinion poll was organized regarding building up of a resort casino on the island. Keeping in view the fact that it will boost the steady economy of the island, 56% of the total 3,162 voters wished setting up of casino there. As per reports of Cindy Sui of BBC News Asia, the chief engineer of the local tourism bureau- Hung Hsien-chang stated that to get Chinese visitors at the island is quite significant. More jobs will be produced and the finance system of the island will improve. Also the transportation system including construction of a larger airport will get better.

Since Matsu is situated at an isolated place from the mainland Taiwan, hence it doesn’t receive the desired frequency of visitors. To attract the visitors particularly from China, setting up of a casino is the most excellent approach because Chinese tourists have to go to Macau to fulfill their gambling thirst.

Weidner Resorts Taiwan has shown keen interest in construction of a casino in Matsu. The plans of the casino company to set up a casino resort with the new airport to provide space to stay for the arriving visitors have been acknowledged. The Chinese visitors, who wish to travel by boat to Matsu, will also be able to reach the location in just 30 minutes because the Mainland China is situated at a distance of just 20 km from Matsu.

Weidner Resorts also proposes setting up of a seminary city and a land bridge amid the two main islands of Matsu. It will help in financial achievement, which the island is waiting since a long time. And it has taken quite a long time to get affirmation from the inhabitants of the place especially the financial assistance worth NT$80,000 per month offered to the locales by the casinos.

So far, the inhabitants of Matsu have opined positively about the casino, but there are some people who are doubtful about the probable contract with China. The reason behind their doubt is that China is considered to be a volatile country and to depend on such a country for business means putting money into an uncertain deal. Although these doubts are uncertain, however they are significant to some extent particularly in such a situation when Matsu will have to depend on China for enhanced water and electricity city delivery to maintain the upcoming casino resorts.

However, the inhabitants of Matsu consider casino resort to be a compulsory malevolence as it can give a boost to the financial system of the island that has been looked forward to since a long time. A part of Matsu Island is ready to accept casino blend while another part is still thinking over it. The thing is it needs to consider all the advantages as well as disadvantages of the deal with their gigantic fellow nation.

According to the latest ballot, the inhabitants of the island are prepared to welcome the casino and jump into it.

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