Money being paid back to Packers bets losers by D Las Vegas Casino

As stated by the possessors of the D Las Vegas casino, the gamblers who had laid wagers at the city center on Green Bay Packers on Monday night at their casino and lost the same by a game-concluding phone call can claim their money back.  

The match was lost by Packers in the final round to the Seahawks following a phone call by officers that irritated the fanatics nationwide. The sports books in Las Vegas were also affected significantly due to this as there was to and fro movement of $15millions according to an educated guess.

The bettors of all direct bets and all money line Packers bets can ask for reimbursement at the cash counter of the D casino by Sunday. To confirm their wagers at the D, they are required to show their receipts.

It is the casino which is providing reimbursement facility instead of the operator of race and sports book of D and additional 158 sports books in the state- William Hill. 

The possessor and chief executive of the D Casino- Derek Stevens stated that he was taken aback by the conclusion of the game and he ascertained to reimburse the money back to the clients. He added that he is stunned to a great extent that they have to pay back each wager laid at the D casino on the Packers. He understands the feelings of bettors that they may also be astonished by the way the match ended.

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