Online Roulette Game - different types

Roulette is one of the mostly played games online and is very popular amongst the new gamblers and even fresher. The reason being playing online roulette is simple and does not have much complexity. There are generally five types of roulette online game available in the gambling world. The most famous being the European Roulette followed by the American one.

The European Roulette consists of total thirty seven numbers including one zero while the American version has total of thirty eight numbers having one double zero (00). Hence the American Online Roulette increases the odds by about 2.63% over the European version.

There is also French roulette where all the numbers on the table is red in color though in the spin wheel they are in alternate black and red. It is similar to the European Online roulette version. The main difference with the other two varieties with this online roulette game is the La Partage rule.

 The rule states that if any one of the players is playing all even and the ball lands in zero, that particular player will only lose half of his bet. The fourth version of the roulette online is the racetrack version which is similar like French one with the La Partage rule. But here also the table is similar like the wheels in black and red and numbers are laid in circle like the wheel only.

This circular pattern helps the gamblers place neighbor bets (certain area of the wheel). The last of the type is the mini online roulette where the wheel has got numbers from zero to twelve. The odds on the house are more compared to the other forms of roulette. Also as the total number of options are less , people generally find this childish and prefer not to play the same.

One of the biggest exciting things about today’s online Roulette is the multiplayer version. Here one can challenge a friend, colleagues or strangers. In a physical roulette, the wheel is put into a spin and the ball goes and settles into one of the many slots.

 There is a loud cheer if one wins or huge hush if it doesn’t. Normally Roulette Online players play only a few games thinking that nobody is watching and gets bored after four to five spins. But nowadays when one comes and chooses one table, the same table can be shared across multiple players may be from same country or even from outside.

After placing a bet, the online player will be able to see the other players queuing up alongside showing their bet size and the number on which they have put the bet. One can also challenge somebody by going for black or red or for odds and even numbers.

In Multiplayer version of the online roulette game there is also some persons present as an audience to cheer the players like the physical version. The audiences are allowed to comment on certain bet during the play as and advice. This way the total fraternity gets involved in the multiplayer version of the online roulette game.

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